The WarPilot mini

A new way of collecting

The WarPilot mini

1:6 Scale model

This is a downsized replica version of our famous artwork "WarPilot". Many collectors who love it couldn't have the original version due to its large size, so we launched this 1:6 scale model to allow more people to easily own our original artwork.

Perfect replica

While we have scaled down the size, we have not compromised on replicating all the intricate details of the original version. Furthermore, we have meticulously crafted a brand new showcase that presents the replica of this artwork in the most optimal way.

Another way to experience collecting.

As a representative work of our aerospace art collection, we have offered collectors an alternative option that is smaller in size, making it suitable for a wider range of display settings.

Unparalleled delicacy

Yes, it may be small in size, but we have not compromised on any details. We have used the best techniques and materials in the industry to perfectly replicate this one-of-a-kind artwork.

The WarPilot Mini

1:6 Scale model

WarPilot dimensions are L8.75" X D9.5" X H13.5"  =  L222mm X D240mm X H343mm

Engine dimensions are L8.5" X D8.5" X H5"  =  L216mm X D216mm X H127mm

The propeller dimensions are D15.5" = D394mm