NASA Mercury Project Space Suit

The 1:4 Sculpture

NASA Mercury Project

Space Suit

The 1:4 Sculpture

This sculpture is dedicated to commemorating the 60th anniversary of America's greatest first manned spaceflight and paying tribute to those who have contributed to the human spaceflight program.

A brand new sensation

Through a brand new design language and innovative concepts, we provide people with a completely different way to commemorate this great moment.

Space age style display

Let's revisit the glorious moments of the Space Age and recreate the classics that belong to that era.

Incredible details

We used the industry's best techniques and materials and spared no expense to recreate every detail of the Space Suit as accurately as possible.

NASA Mercury Project Space Suit

1:4 Sculpture

Only the sculpture and base are included; The Showcase is not included.

The sculpture dimensions are 8" X 3" X 17" Height
Weight 1300 grams (2.87 LBS)

The round base dimensions are 10“ X 1.25" Height
Weight 1900 grams (4.2 LBS)