Our Story

Since 2014

Back in 2014, two individuals who were absolutely obsessed with industrial design and art founded UPOINT STUDIO right here in the heart of Los Angeles. We're talking about a serious love for all things industrial antiques, sculpture art, and trendy culture. We weren't content with doing things the same old way, though. Oh no, we wanted to shake things up, to show our clients a fresh perspective on art and industrial design. Our goal was nothing short of creating works that would stand the test of time, that would defy convention, and that would flip our clients' understanding of traditional industrial art on its head.

Without regard to cost

At the beginning, we faced unexpected expenditures that surpassed our initial budget. However, we persevered in our pursuit of excellence, never compromising on our exacting standards, even when we experienced financial losses. We were determined to bring our artistic vision to life, regardless of profitability. Eventually, we made a conscious decision to stop fixating on cost calculations, and instead, allowed our artists to fully express their creative talents. We firmly believed that focusing too heavily on market value would limit the potential for artistic imagination, and prevent us from creating exceptional works. Therefore, we chose to embrace imagination and creativity, without allowing cost to dictate our choices.


Over the past year, we have acquired a large quantity of industrial antiques, filling our entire 12,000 square foot warehouse to the brim. Our initial focus has been on collecting and redesigning these industrial antiques, as we firmly believe in the adage that "those who don't know history are doomed to repeat it." We took a deliberate and methodical approach, taking the time to thoroughly comb through our ideas about industrial art, utilizing the most hands-on, albeit inefficient and laborious, methods available to us. Through this process, we were able to establish a comprehensive collection system for industrial antiques that is uniquely our own.


In that year, in addition to releasing some interim works, we launched our first iconic piece: the Redesigned Engine Table. We challenged all the conventions of the industry by taking an original engine from the US Air Force and redefining it in an entirely new and seemingly impossible way as a table. This unique piece of art allows you to touch history and own a one-of-a-kind masterpiece.


We received official authorization from NASA for the first time and redesigned a brand new way to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the successful Apollo 11 moon landing mission. We utilized the most advanced resin technology available at the time and hired a very famous sculptor to create an artwork in the form of a spaceman 1 sculpture. The product was very successful, and all 500 limited edition pieces were sold out within just three months after its launch. We became the world's first company to design and produce a collectible NASA sculpture, 

and in the same year, we also improved our Aviation Art product line and created more sculpture works.


Following the tremendous success of our Spaceman 1 sculpture, we went on to enhance and improve the artwork with even more complex techniques. Drawing inspiration from the Apollo 12 mission, we created a whole new level of collectible NASA sculpture with our Spaceman 2, which features incredibly detailed textures on the spacesuit and even a fully-detailed camera on the chest.

Furthermore, we launched a brand new, original installation art piece called WarPilot, which is based on an authentic aircraft engine. This one-of-a-kind piece artfully combines antique machinery, aviation art, and installation art in a completely unique and innovative way, earning high praise from many collectors. We are extremely proud of this creation.


When it comes to redesigning antique aircraft parts, we have taken two daring steps to break away from conventional design thinking. We refuse to produce subpar or meaningless products, and for years, we have dedicated substantial resources to exploring and innovating, venturing into uncharted territories, and tackling technical challenges.

Our latest endeavor involved repurposing an instrument from a B52 bomber and transforming it into a watch winder. This historic instrument, which played a critical role in significant events, now serves as the heart of a watch, always close to you.

In another project, we turned an authentic engine piston into an unexpectedly artistic object: a cigar ashtray. By cutting the piston into two ashtrays, we showcased the mechanical design aesthetics from a century ago, while the functional geometric lines of the piston were re-cut into a true work of art.


After the success of our Spaceman 1 and Spaceman 2 life-sized sculptures, which quickly sold out in 2018, we immediately began work on Spaceman 3. However, with the success of our Spaceman sculptures came the influx of low-quality, unauthorized replicas flooding the market. With only 500 copies produced, some collectors even resorted to reselling at inflated prices on certain trading platforms. This time around, we raised the bar even higher in our design requirements to create an unparalleled masterpiece that couldn't be surpassed.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, we dedicated three years of hard work and creativity to produce our latest masterpiece, Spaceman 3. We spared no expense and combined perfectionism to ensure that those who stole our concept wouldn't be able to surpass us. We are incredibly proud to say that we've achieved our goal.


The theme of extraterrestrials has always been a dream of ours, and to create an original work featuring our own alien concept, we spent six years preparing. We scrapped countless design drafts and even after finalizing the design, we spent a full two years overcoming technical difficulties. The challenge was not overly complex, as our cylindrical design magnified any internal imperfections, and we also added spotlights, which exposed even the tiniest flaws. In order to ensure a completely pure cylinder without any impurities, the process became exceedingly difficult. After two years of unwavering commitment and no compromise, we finally unveiled our first ever original alien work: UE.


This year marks the 9th year since we first started planning UPOINT and working towards our dreams. We have perfected our product lines and now have over 30 original works, including the Spaceman Mini and the 1:130 model of the International Space Station for our Space Art line, as well as the WarPilot Mini and Wing Conference Table for our Aviation Art line.

In 2022, which was the most difficult year during the post-pandemic era, we had a sudden idea to use the most advanced full-color 3D printing technology to directly print a model of the coronavirus. This was our first 3D printed artwork, which we named "2022". We did not provide any description or explanation of the artwork's meaning, leaving it up to people's own interpretation.

The above is just a glimpse into our work, and there are more stories on our blog. No matter what difficulties we may face in the future, our passion and beliefs will not be shaken. We will continue to strive to create more original works, never compromising and always creating something different.

Upoint Studio