Our team has worked on this project for 3 years


But only 500 copies were made


We completely subverted the way of presentation


Totally redesigned the display case

Total 295 components together make this happen


The 1:4 Scale model astronaut Unparalleled refinement 

The most complex composite application in the industry


Aviation aluminum, cast aluminum, hot bending, ABS injection, PU, PC, PCB,

acrylic,LED,sheet metal all together make this artwork


Control each LED lights individually

do whatever you want


Total 90 LED lights installed

Total 11 switches control each group individually

Fit all the scenes


Released on Feb 9, 2021


500 Limited edition

Pre-order NOW

FROM $2,999.00

NASA SpaceMan 3       (ship 10 to 16 weeks)

NASA SpaceMan 3 (ship 10 to 16 weeks)



The Spaceman 3 designed by Upoint Studio in California, Made by hand in Shenzhen, CHINA.

Dimensions for Spaceman are W9.05" X D6.69" X H18.11" (W230mm X D170mm X H460mm) 10.6 LBS (4.8KG) 

Dimensions for Display case are W13" X D13" X H32.68" (W330mm X D330mm X H830mm) 33.06 LBS (15KG) 

The cardboard box made and print in China, Dimensions are W26" X D36" X H17" (W660mm X D920mm X H430mm)

The total Net weight is 43.6 LBS (19.8KG) 

The total gross weight is 51.8 LBS (23.5KG) 

USB C Charging Port and 20000 mAH Lithium-Ion Battery

Input AC100V~AC240V 50~60Hz 1.5A


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