Saber-toothed Tiger, an extinct specie, was the most handsome predator 42 million years ago – 11,000 years ago. We were amazed by the dangerous yet fascinating shape of it’s skull fossil when we saw it at an auction, so we bought it and decided to do our best to preserve it as an art piece.

-We casted the skull fossil with hot brass, which made this saber tooth tiger skull the toughest art piece like how the tigers used to be. We handcrafted the sculpture to revived it’s original texture.  The finest material we used promises the eternity of its quality and look.  Although this majestic creature no long exists in our world, this sculpture will be with us forever.

Material: cast brass


Weight: 28 lbs

Size: 20" x 13" x 14"/517mm x 327mm x 358mm