Upoint Airgate Conference Table

Redesigned from a landing gear door from a Boeing 747 passenger jet. unique piece, Only 1 available.

Model # R100-1

Fantastic Details

Polished and restored every single corner by hand in the United States.

Everyone is unique, No two are the same

It is not just a table, It is not just artwork, It is not ordinary, It does not compromise. 

is the work of fearlessly trying, neverending perfecting, and ultimately innovating. 


Upoint Airgate Conference Table

Upoint Airgate Conference Table



Engine table dimensions are L43" X D43" X H35"  =  L1093mm X D1093mm X H890mm

Table galss dimensions are D38" = D1300mm 

Crate dimensions L48" X D48" X H43"  =  L1220mm X D1220mm X H1092mm

Net Weight 222Kg = 491 Lbs

Gross weight = 311Kg= 686Lbs

The original engine made by Jacobs in 1930s in the United States

The base made by aluminum by Upoint Studio in the United States


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