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2018.11.17 dp_SZ2221.jpg
2018.11.17 dp_SZ2221.jpg

Continental Engine Table

We found this original Continental Engine in a US military yard, Was made from the 1930s for the US military in WWII, 

We redesign it to a table, totally changed features for it, 

Fantastic Details

Polished and restored every single corner by hand in the United States.

2018.11.17 dp_SZ2221.jpg

Everyone is unique, No two are the same

It is not just a coffee table, It is not just artwork, It is not ordinary, It does not compromise. 

is the work of fearlessly trying, neverending perfecting, and ultimately innovating. 


2018.11.17 dp_SZ2260.jpg


Engine table dimensions are L43" X D43" X H35"  =  L1093mm X D1093mm X H890mm

Table galss dimensions are D38" = D1300mm 

Crate dimensions L48" X D48" X H43"  =  L1220mm X D1220mm X H1092mm

Net Weight 222Kg = 491 Lbs

Gross weight = 311Kg= 686Lbs

The original engine made by Jacobs in 1930s in the United States

The base made by aluminum by Upoint Studio in the United States