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OF WWII Aviation art

The WarPilot


In this year, We broke the traditional creative idea of aviation theme artworks, We use entirely new concepts in this artwork.

This Jacobs engine is itself the pinnacle of human mechanical design. We are very rare to find a rare propeller that originally belonged to it, Restored his original exterior to the greatest extent and Redesigned his attributes to the greatest extent;

On this artwork, What you see are witnesses of WWII, What you touch is history, What you feel that the former king is in front of you. 

The WarPilot


For the best way to let people feel this Jacobs engine, We restored every single corner by hand, 

We invited the highest level of craftsmen to use advanced technology to restore it to the original exterior.  Actually is much better than the original one. 

The WarPilot


On this Jacobs Engine, All the parts are rare and original. 

After almost 100 years of turmoil, This is one of the few remaining complete original engines, Some well-preserved engines are now on permanent display in the museum;

The WarPilot


We use super heavy-duty materials and the best processing technology,


These are all to ensure the greatest possible of this artwork,


After 100 years, It will look the same today.

The WarPilot


This Jacobs engine is itself the art of human mechanical design in almost 100 years ago.


Today, after our redesign, it is not only an artwork, It represents our love for aviation and Represents our respect for history. 

The WarPilot

The WarPilot



WarPilot dimensions are L48" X D48" X H82"  =  L1220mm X D1220mm X H2082mm

Engine dimensions are L43" X D43" X H35"  =  L1093mm X D1093mm X H890mm

The propeller dimensions are D78.75" = D2000mm 

Net Weight 222Kg = 491 Lbs

Gross weight = 311Kg= 686Lbs

The original engine made by Jacobs in 1930s in the United States


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