Dharma "Abundance"
  • Dharma "Abundance"

    Dharma, whose full name is Bodhidharma, is South Indian or Persian. He is a propagator of Buddhism and is honored as Master Bodhidharma. According to the legend, Master Bodhidharma faced the wall for nine years, after going through a lot of disasters, his hands and feet degenerated, but he retained the shape of a tumbler. Although his physical strength was exhausted, his unyielding character did not fall easily, and finally, he successfully comprehended the truth of Buddhism.


    After Dharma's story was introduced into Japan, people imitated Dharma's meditation posture and created a kind of tumbler-like doll to pray for good luck.


    Combining with the traditional image of Dharma crafts, we redesigned the color and exterior. While retaining the original appearance features, we added a realistic image design. In addition, the faces of these four tumblers have real skin texture and simulated hair details. This series adopts gold, red, black, cyan, and silver as the main colors. The gold tumbler matches the features of the Persian face and the calligraphy word ''Jin'', symbolizing the hope of abundance. The red one matches the facial features of the Indian and the calligraphy ''Fu'', which symbolizes blessing. The black tumbler uses deep black and silver to match the face of the traditional Oriental gods, and calligraphy ''Qi'' character, symbolizing spirit. The blue and silver tumbler, matching the characteristic image of Central Europe and the calligraphy character ''Yong'', represents courage and determination.


    There are four models launched now, which express the wish of “fortune, blessing, courage, and Praise”.


    The face is made of food silicone material simulating the true texture of the skin, with highly simulated coloring and film-grade hand-transplanted hair.


    The sphere is made of resin, which is processed, colored, transplanted, and assembled fully by hand.


    The eyeball can be rotated within a certain range, and they can make a variety of facial expressions.

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